Poppy’s home meal service

One of my last tasks before leaving for the UK for several weeks was to stock up on meals for 15-month old Poppy, the ‘gourmet mini’. Her Mami is back at work and having home-cooked meals ready helps when life is extra busy. The cooking was chaotic pleasure; five dishes happening at once, chopping, stirring, and watching.

There was a repeat of the popular chicken ‘nuggets’ from Emily Dupuche’s Food babies love, then mini- frittata, roasted pumpkin with a scatter of home-grown thyme, lamb kofta in tomato sauce, Nigella’s lamb keema (from Feast), and a mix of grated carrot and zucchini. Packed in daily amounts, some for the next few days and some for the freezer, there was enough to cover the full two weeks, with some family meals and left-overs. All that will be needed is some additional vegetables, maybe some pasta or rice. Very satisfying, great fun, and some for me for that night as well.

An exciting part of the venture was the realisation that my 35-year old Breville food processor needs replacing. Still going, but too small and very worn looking. Not one to throw items away while they are still doing the job I am looking forward now to the choice of the Cuisinart, the Magimix, the Kitchen-Aid.

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Kay Gibbons
Kay Gibbons
I am a food lover, food writer and dietician, with hands-on experience in pretty much everything related to food for children. My experience has prepared me for consultancy across nutrition & food service areas in health and education.
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