Food With Kids

Growing Healthy Kids who enjoy food.

About me

I am a food lover, food writer and dietician, with hands-on experience in pretty much everything related to food for children.

  • Practical & clinical advice to families about feeding children
  • Development of government guidelines and information for families and childcare centres
  • Research and practice in child weight management
  • Meals for children in a large children’s hospital and in childcare settings

My writing

As a food lover and writer I have written about the joys of eating in Marvellous Melbourne.

As someone who loves eating with others, I have even contributed to a book on “Dining Alone’.
Link: A Comfortable Place in Eating Alone Ed: Barbara Santich, Wakefield Press, 2013


My experience has prepared me for consultancy across nutrition & food service areas in health and education:

  • Management of large dietetic and food service departments in healthcare for both children and adults
  • Project leadership of programs to develop guidelines, resources and education for government, and of R&D partnerships with industry
  • Research in interventions for management of childhood overweight
  • Course development and teaching at degree and certificate level
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